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Dana Artzer - CEO

Health, Medicare, Life & Retirement Advisor
 Medicare Education, Enrollment Assistance & Products
Under 65 Health insurance
Dental Insurance
Cancer/Disease Coverage

Pet Insurance
Life Insurance
Protection From Stock Market Loss
Tax Deferred & Tax Free Strategies
Fixed & Indexed Annuities

Retirement Planning Consultations
School District Retirement Workshops
Employer Sponsored Retirement Workshops

Did you know?
You should start to plan (save) for retirement in your 20's to 30's.
Most people don't start planning (saving) for retirement until their 40's or 50's.
The majority of people assume their ​Pensions are  guaranteed.
Social Security Trust Fund
will become exhausted by 2037.

Do you know when or even if you will be able to retire?

Call today to schedule your complimentary
Retirement Plan Review

You will sleep better at night knowing you have a solid retirement plan in place.


There is never a fee for my service!

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