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SCAM ALERT! It's CRAZY out there, protect yourself & your family! Click on the link below to see what happened to me and my family on January 7, 2024. It's something I will NEVER forget!

These people terrorized me and my family and almost got away with our money. There are so many different scams out there these days. If the police can't do anything to help us, it's up to us to get the word out!

To avoid this happening to you or your loved ones, make sure your family has a "SAFE" word. This is one word (the same word) for every member in your family. If my family would have had one we could have asked the woman (who we thought was our daughter) on the phone what the safe word was. When she couldn't have told us we would have known it was not her. If I had to do it over again, I would have called my daughters phone right away. We didn't though, we thought calling her would put her in more danger. That's what they want, they prey on your fear!

When choosing your safe word, do NOT use names of family members, pets or basically anything that someone could easily find out on line. We chose a random word that won't make sense to anybody but us and it is very easy to remember.

Remember to quiz your family members (especially kids) on what the safe word is so they don't forget it!

By the way, the news got our last mane wrong lol... It's ARTZER :)

NO ONE from Medicare will ever call you! If you get a call asking if you have received your new Medicare card yet, it's a SCAM! You can always call Medicare @ 1-800-633-4227 to verify.

If you get a call saying you have a warrant for your arrest for not paying on a credit card it's PROBABLY a scam. Don't panic! Call your credit card company and verify the information they are telling you. DO NOT send them money!

The important thing is to STAY CALM and DON'T PANIC like I did.

Please share this information with everyone you know! We have to stick together and take care of each other.

Keeping with the safety theme of today...

How safe is your money ?

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