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We are right on schedule!

Things are running smoothly here at AZIRS!

If you submitted your forms to us by 10/1/23, you are in Group 1. We are currently on Group 1 letter R. We anticipate being able to complete Group 1 calls by this Sunday 11/5/23 (we are calling in alphabetical order). If you are in this group, If your last name starts with A-P and we have not contacted you, please call us @ 6002-376-7260 (c) or 480-658-2112 (o). We are also hosting seminars & running appointments so please leave a message if we do not answer.

If we received your forms after 10/1/23, you are in Group 2. We will begin your research approximately next Monday 11/6/23. Currently we have approximately 50 people in Group 2 so the research should not take long. We will keep you posted on our progress.

We have already enrolled many of you into your new plan(s) for 2024. After you receive your confirmation of enrollment via email, you will receive your "Welcome" letter in approx. 2 weeks. Then, approx. 2-3 weeks after that you should receive your new card and packet. Because of the high volume of enrollees during AEP, there may be delays in getting your card/packet. Please call us if you have not received your new card/packet by 12/27/2023.

Now, go out there and be FABULOUS! :)

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